Author Explains Inspiration Behind ‘Let It Rain’

xletitrainThis blog post is about our short story titled “Let It Rain“, which you can read by clicking the link.

This is a story of a woman’s struggle in finding happiness in her life. I wrote this story years ago during the dark hours of my life. There was darkness in the story, as the story at times reflects what I was going through emotionally at that time. I had writer’s block during these times, but since writing was always my best medium of expression, I picked up a pen and just started writing and writing on my notebook.

The first draft of the short story was what I would call “raw writing”. When I read it again recently, the stiffness of the writing was quite apparent to me. Some prose seemed forced and didn’t flow quite naturally. This tend to happen to me when I’m in this state. You’ve got a lot on your mind, but you just can’t seem to write. Nevertheless, I finished the story. There was quite a bit of editing needed to be done to the piece before publishing the ‘part 1’ of the story here on this website though.

While the story itself was more of a drama rather than romance, I was hoping to project what Jessica and Leo share together, their delicate and often untold feelings for each other. And how their feelings for each other could either save or break one another.

I think of the short stories I write as a journal, documenting how I feel throughout my life. While they are all fictions and aren’t directly related to my own life, they do reflect how I feel at the time of writing each short story. I hope you enjoy this one as much as the others. Thank you so much for reading our stories.

  1. karma yutsho

    please share me the stories.

    • Rene

      The link is in the post.

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    I like reading!!!

    • meeeeeee

      I also like penguins!!!

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