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Let It Rain (Part 2)

Posted by : | October 12, 2015

“Darkness is starting to envelope Jessica and blinding her from visible lights. Leo is reaching out his hand to her, but will she make it in time to grab the hand that could probably

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Let It Rain (Part 1)

Posted by : | February 28, 2014

"The time when darkness is starting to hurt you more than anything in the world, can you turn to someone you love to save you from it?" — It had been raining non-stop since yesterday morning in the Parke...

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Posted by : | February 27, 2014

"Dream could be the most wonderful thing. An escape. A door to another world. Taking you away from all realities." — A new year's eve. In less than ten minutes, the sky will be filled with exploding fireworks and all their pretty colors. In less than ten minutes, somewhere people will be toasting their drinks, clinking glasses, to the sound of cheers and claps. In less than ten minutes, another year will be gone forever. Sitting on the windowsill of my small and dusty four-walls studio...

A Cup Of Coffee & You (Part 3) (Final)

Posted by : | February 26, 2014

"They say office romance can turn into a big mess. Ryan just didn't think so." — Surprisingly I didn't feel nervous like I used to when I noticed...

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A Cup Of Coffee & You (Part 2)

Posted by : | September 1, 2013

"Ryan tries to forget about what happened between him and Claire. But can he really forget everything when something he least expected happens?" — It didn't matter what time...

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