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Shadows In The Rain

"She couldn't bear the weight of his dream when hers was nowhere to be found."

No One Else (Part 1)

"She had news for him from the South. A news he dreaded for a long time. Now that it is becoming reality, what is he going to do?"


100 - 1,000 words | Contemporary Romance | Dark Mood/Setting | Sad Love Story | Short Short Story

"Devotion is a short story about love, betrayal, guilt, and of course, a woman's devotion." — I had my happiness on borrowed time. Time that should probably be yours. Now I finally understand... Continue Reading

Night in Bangkok

100 - 1,000 words | Contemporary Romance | Short Short Story

"Night In Bangkok is a very short story sets in the exotic city of Bangkok." — When he put his glass down to the table, I realized it was still full like before he picked it up. He probably didn't like... Continue Reading

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