In author’s own words…

This website is long overdue. I was supposed to do this long ago, but as always, you always find excuses to do the one thing that you really want to do. Sometimes it’s because you think you’re not ready or that you don’t really have what it takes to do it. But most of the time you’re just scared. That’s what happened with me and writing. I have always loved fiction writing for as long as I can remember, but I always thought I wasn’t good enough to even get my works out there for anyone to read. But then, I also figured that I may never be good at all if I don’t get my works out there to be criticized. So here I am.

I usually write the conventional way; with pen and paper, before typing them into a computer. I find that by writing on paper, I get more satisfaction than typing on a computer. It gives me more room to relax and think. I prefer to see the mistakes I made on paper, the crossed out text and scratched pages, rather than blunt editing on a computer. Some moments away from the computer with just your pen and paper is something I personally treasure.

I prefer to write in first person perspective (male or female). The stories I write are reflections of my own feelings at the time of their writing.