Author Answers: What Happened To Jake In ‘No One Else’? (SPOILER)

xnooneelse-p2I haven’t been posting new stories for ages, I know. So so sorry about that. The latest story I posted on this website is Dream, which was posted over a month ago. Since then I have been busy with work and haven’t been posting anything. To make it up to that, I decided to write a quick blog post to answer a question that has been asked about the current most popular story on this website, No One Else.

There are five parts of the story altogether and if you haven’t finished all the five parts and don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT READ FURTHER!

If you are still reading, it means you either have finished reading the story, or you just want to be spoiled. It’s fine either way!

So, one of the most common questions I get asked about ‘No One Else’, either from readers on this site or my own friends who read the story, is this: What happened to Jake?

In ‘No One Else’, Nicole hesitantly broke up with James after she reunited with the first love of her life, Jake (Jacob), whom she met in her new workplace. But afterward, she changed her mind and in the end chose James instead. What happened to Nicole and Jake was never explained, at least not directly. So what exactly happened to him? What did Nicole do or say to him about her final decision? When I wrote the story, I never thought of trying to explain this side of the story. I let readers get into the mind of James and let them see what is happening as James would have seen it. There’s a reason the story is titled No One Else. It was a story of these two people; just James, and Nicole. And because of this, Jake’s presence in the story wasn’t necessary.

But it’s always interesting for me to see how different readers interpret a story I write. A friend of mine had her own take of the story; to her, Jake had never really existed for real (in the story, that is). To her, Nicole purposely plotted it all to find out if James really was someone worth spending the rest of her life with. Another friend of mine was simply bothered by the fact that she didn’t exactly know what happened to Jake afterward.

The truth is, even ‘I’ don’t know what happened to Jake.

I prefer the story to stay that way. You?

  1. Cezanne Bautista

    I love the story 🙂

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